Widely known as one of the foremost vein treatment specialists in Southern California, Dr. Michael Omidi offers a range of innovative and non-intrusive treatment options that are extremely effective in eliminating clusters of red, purple, or blue veins known as varicose or spider veins.

What is a Varicose Vein Removal

Affecting women more often than men, spider and varicose veins become more prevalent with age and commonly develop in the legs. Apart from their undesirable appearance, varicose veins may also cause problems with blood flow, swelling, and skin sores. For this reason, varicose and spider vein patients often report burning sensation, aching, and night cramps of the legs. Even though roughly 50% of adults experience this condition, you no longer have to put up with swollen, painful, and unsightly veins. Varicose vein removal consists of a safe and minimally-invasive procedure that produces remarkably fast and effective results with minimal (if any) discomfort.