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One of the most common vaginal rejuvenation procedures, labiaplasty reduces the size of the labia minora by surgically removing the excess tissue from vaginal lips. It offers a safe and effective solution to women who experience physical discomfort as well as lack of self-confidence due to misshapen outward appearance and irregularities of the labia. By reducing the size of the protruding labia and enhancing its appearance, Dr. Michael Omidi will not only help you look rejuvenated but also restore your sexual confidence and self-esteem.

What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty reduces excessively large labia and corrects its irregularities by removing excess tissue. Prior to surgery, Dr. Omidi will administer anesthesia and mark the edges of labia to be excised. He will then carefully place small incisions inside the skin folds of the labia to excise the protruding or irregular tissue. As a part of a comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation procedure, Dr. Omidi can also reduce protruding folds of the clitoral hood. He uses absorbable sutures to close the incisions. The entire procedure takes approximately one hour to perform.

Is Labiaplasty Right for You?

The asymmetrical or misshapen appearance of the labia can negatively impact a woman’s life in a variety of ways. It can cause poor self-esteem and a loss of confidence. Labiaplasty can be performed for aesthetic reasons when you experience:

  • Embarrassment due to irregular appearance of vaginal lips
  • Bulky labia showing through clothing or swimwear
  • Avoidance of intimate situations

Twisting and tugging of the labia can also cause significant physical discomfort. Labiaplasty can bring major relief if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Itching or irritation of the labia
  • Discomfort while wearing tight clothes
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort when riding a bike or exercising at the gym

When performing labiaplasty, Dr. Michael Omidi takes into account both your physical symptoms and your aesthetic expectations. For comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation, he will combine labiaplasty with vaginoplasty.

What are the Risks of Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a safe procedure, but it involves risks associated with most other surgeries. The most common complications include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hematoma
  • Loss of sensation

Recovery after Labiaplasty

Recovery after Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure, which means you can safely return home on the day of your surgery. Nonetheless, you should arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery since you will be recovering from anesthesia. There will be minimal (if any) bruising after surgery. Swelling is common but will likely resolve within two weeks. Residual swelling, however, may take up to two to three months to fully resolve. On average, labiaplasty patients are expected to return to work three to four days after surgery. You will be advised to wait approximately four weeks before resuming an active sexual lifestyle.

What Results Should You Expect?

Labiaplasty is an extremely effective procedure that currently enjoys a high satisfaction rate of 94% among patients (as seen on You may expect to see a marked reduction in labia size and correction of irregularities immediately after surgery. Your final results, however, will become fully realized in two months, after swelling is completely resolved. With your labia made smaller and more symmetrical, you will find that your underwear and clothing fit more comfortably. Perhaps even more importantly, you will regain sexual confidence and elevated self-esteem. Schedule your consultation today to see how labiaplasty can make a tremendous difference in your life.