Designed Rhinoplasty By Dr. Michael Omidi

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Designed Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique for nasal enhancement invented by Dr. Michael Omidi. This approach allows for an accurate analysis of the patient’s current nasal profile, a full facial analysis, and the optimal nose for a patient’s facial features.

Utilizing advanced 3D technology, a combination of software is used to achieve these goals. Each aspect of the nose is precisely measured using 3-D imaging. These measurements allow the surgeon to have qualitative information on the proposed changes to the nose such as the amount of bone and cartilage to be shaved from the dorsum, the changes required in the degree tip angulation and projection, as well as other changes that are performed during a rhinoplasty

To achieve the desired nose, the Piezotome Ultrasound Surgical device, Microaire Power Rasp, is used to precisely achieve the desired outcome.

The Designed Rhinoplasty technique provides vital information to the surgeon on the angles, amounts of tissue needing removal, and shapes and position of cartilage grafts to shape the nose.

It functions as a roadmap of what needs completing to achieve the ideal nose and/or the results agreed upon by the surgeon and patient. The surgeon can still use their judgment to make the final determination. However, this tool can benefit the surgeon when swelling and fluids obscure the shape of the nose. This is similar to when a pilot is flying through the fog, and instruments become essential to maneuver the plane. 

Designed Rhinoplasty is more than just the analysis of the nose. It also features closely guided construction when using cartilage grafts and advanced technology to shape the grafts. Piezo and Microaire power-assisted devices allow for more accuracy and proper resection and shaping of the nose to achieve the desired final look.

This qualitative analysis provides vital information on asymmetries of the nose along the dorsum, tip, and alar base. For example, if an alarplasty is needed, the surgeon is armed with data regarding the asymmetries in the alar base’s shape, size, and position, allowing a more precise trimming and shaping to attain the desired form and better symmetry.

If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, there’s no reason not to take advantage of today’s technological advances and Dr. Omidi’s exclusive approach. To learn more about Designed Rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Omidi at his Beverly Hills offices by calling (310) 281-0155, or filling out this convenient contact form.