MicroNeedling RF

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Microneedling RF complements fillers without compromising results; the fillers add volume while Micro-Needling RF tightens and lifts sagging skin. Clinical studies show that the procedure generates up to five times more elastin and doubles collagen production. This procedure is safe and effective for all skin tones. 


Each 45-minute treatment begins with an injections of local anesthesia to numb the area that’s being treated. Then your provider presses the handheld device into your skin, and the disposable cartridge generates heat while 12 tiny needles create micro-injuries in your epidermis. Your provider lifts and moves the device to treat each small patch of skin until the entire area has been treated. 

What is micro needling RF?

Known as the non-surgical face-lift. It is a revolutionary energy-based, skin-needling treatment. It’s designed to create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid — the building blocks that keep your skin smooth and elastic. It’s a great treatment for improving aging skin and can also help to reduce dreaded cellulite. 

How does microneedling work?

It uniquely combines microneedling  and radiofrequency technologies for an advanced skin tightening and rejuvenating effect. It works by penetrating the skin at a precise depth with tiny needles, before momentarily releasing a burst of radio frequency energy (heat). This stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, resulting in a tighter, smoother, more lifted appearance. 

Where can microneedling be used?

It is most often used around the mouth, cheeks, and on the neck but it can also be used on the body to fade scars and stretch marks, rejuvenate skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite. 

When will I see results?

Patients can expect to see their best result from the treatment approximately three months after the date of their procedure. The results last indefinitely; the hands of time are effectively set back. We can’t stop the aging process altogether but we can push back the point from which it starts. 

How long will results last?

Results are long-lasting. You should start to see results from a single treatment in as little as two weeks, with the best results visible within three months and continued benefits for up to four years. 

How many treatments will I need? 

Dramatic results are produced in a single treatment. For optimum results, it is recommended that you receive a second treatment at six months with annual maintenance treatments thereafter.

What is the expected downtime?

Non-invasive. 1-2 week downtime.