Breast Enhancement

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Introducing the Mannequin Breast Lift™

What is a Mannequin Breast Lift™?  

Dr. Michael Omidi is a double-board certified plastic surgeon as well as a board-certified breast surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills. He is the inventor of a completely new breast lift technique called the Mannequin Breast Lift™. This technique treats breasts that have become droopy and saggy after weight loss, breast feeding or pregnancy. With this technique everyone can now enjoy youthful, perkier breasts that hold their own weight and shape.

This type of breast lift can also help restore the volume and fullness of your breasts with or without implants. 

The technique involves separating the excess skin from breast tissue at multiple levels and creating a lattice of mesh using dissolvable sutures. This technique has multiple benefits. One benefit from this procedure is that the breast tissue stays intact, which reduces the risk of nipple sensation loss. For patients who wish to breast feed after the procedure, they can feel secure that the procedure minimizes injury to the ducts and breast tissue since the dissection is done circumferentially at the skin level. Lastly, Dr. Omidi uses a lattice of sutures that create a virtual mesh. Since the sutures are dissolvable, the breast will not be exposed to any risks of mesh. The body’s tissue will create collagen around the mesh dissolves creating natural support for the breast.

What are the benefits and advantages?  

Traditional breast lift techniques can leave the breasts saggy and loose. Often, they lose their lift after a certain amount of time. Also, they are plagued with problems such as nipple sensation loss, difficulty breast feeding, etc. The Mannequin breast lift leaves much of the breast tissue intact and depends on a matrix of sutures creating an internal mesh that provides strength and support to the breasts. As soon as they dissolve, they are replaced with the body’s natural collages giving the breasts a more firm, elevated look with minimal sagging. This look will be very similar to the breasts seen on mannequins in stores.