What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty) enhances the appearance of your bust by giving you smaller, perkier breasts that are proportionate to the rest of your body. This procedure is performed to relieve a wide variety of medical problems that women with large pendulous breasts may experience. In addition to causing emotional distress and negative self-perception, overly heavy and pendulous breasts can contribute to a number of health concerns and daily challenges ranging from poor posture to back pain. Breast reduction offers an effective solution to improving your appearance and relieving your physical discomfort.

Are you the Right Candidate?

In Dr. Michael Omidi’s extensive experience performing breast reduction, different patients have unique reasons for requesting the procedure.

  • The most common reason is genetics; some women just happen to be born with an overly large bust and surgery offers the most effective means to making breasts proportionate to the rest of the body.
  • In other cases, pregnancy and weight gain may contribute to stretching and enlargement of your breasts, necessitating a cosmetic intervention.
  • Lastly, breast reduction offers an excellent means of restoring a balanced appearance when one breast is much larger than the other.