Breast Procedures

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woman in bikini relaxing on floating mattress at the poolBreast surgery is a very personal and potentially life-changing type of cosmetic surgery. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Michael Omidi, MD, understands the complexities of breast procedures, and works closely with each of his patients in order to help them achieve a breast size and shape that they are comfortable and happy with.

If you are interested in any of the breast surgery procedures Dr. Omidi offers, please call 310-281-0155 today to schedule your individualized consultation. Dr. Omidi serves patients throughout Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, with offices in Beverly Hills, Pomona, Apple Valley, and Encino.

Types of Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Omidi offers the following types of breast procedures:

No matter what shape or size breasts you desire, chances are that Dr. Omidi can help you obtain them. He takes care to make sure that your new breasts will appear balanced and proportionate with the rest of your body, and that you know beforehand how they will look and feel.

Dr. Omidi offers three types of breast implant as well as fat transfer for breast augmentation, so that your procedure can be highly customized. Depending on your body type and taking into account your expectations, he will offer you breast augmentation with either saline implants, which are most popular, or silicone implants, which were recently approved by the FDA. For the ultimate in natural look and feel, you may opt for the gummy bear breast implant, a cohesive silicone gel implant that has revolutionized breast augmentation.

No two patients' breasts are exactly alike, and Dr. Omidi personalizes each procedure he performs for the best results.

Breast procedures can also be combined if necessary. A common combination is breast augmentation plus breast lift for perkier, fuller breasts. Breast reduction can also be combined with breast lift for smaller, better positioned breasts.

Benefits of Breast Surgery

woman in tank top measuring her breastsBreast surgery procedures have very high satisfaction rates. Many women are dissatisfied with breasts that are too small, too big, or asymmetrical, and breast surgery can help to correct these issues for a feminine, well-proportioned figure.

Benefits of breast surgery include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better-fitting bras and clothes
  • More balanced figure
  • Reduced back pain (with breast reduction)
  • Reconstruction after breast cancer surgery
  • Increased sense of femininity

Dr. Omidi has been performing breast surgeries for over a decade, and takes pride in his patient satisfaction rates. He is able to achieve great results because of his in-depth consultations, close patient relationships, and unwillingness to compromise.

For Dr. Omidi, the best possible outcome is non-negotiable. If he feels for any reason that he will not be able to achieve the best results, he will not perform the surgery.

Schedule Your Breast Surgery Consultation

If you would like to improve the size and/or shape of your breasts, call Dr. Omidi today at 310-281-0155 to schedule your initial consultation. He serves patients in Beverly Hills, Pomona, Apple Valley, Encino, and nearby areas of southern California.