Cutting Fat More Effective than Carbs, New Study Shows

Dr. Michael Omidi examines a new study which says cutting fat is better for your health than cutting carbs.

There has been a long running debate in the dieting world about what is better, cutting carbs or cutting fat. Anyone you talk to will voice their opinion. However, a new study found that reducing fat takes the cake when it comes to losing weight.

Published in Cell Metabolism, this US study evaluated 19 obese adult patients for 2 weeks. One group cut fat while the other cut carbohydrates. Those who cut fat were found to lose 80% more than those who reduced carbohydrate intake. In total, patients lost an average of 463grams of body fat.

It would seem that low fat diets have more impact on reducing fat. However, the researchers also state that this could be a hard diet to maintain. Many people feel as though a low-carb diet is the easier diet to incorporate into daily life. For that, the researchers do state that the best diet is one that is followed regularly.

To help people stay away from high fat in their diet, here are a few tips on reducing fat in your diet:

  • Stay away from red meats
  • Substitute lean turkey or chicken breasts
  • Limit dairy consumption
  • Stay away from fried and fast foods
  • Try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Read labels, try sticking to lower fat products

These are just a few helpful ways you can stick to a low-fat diet. Any form of dieting takes work. Obesity in America is currently the highest throughout the world. This should be concerning. High fat foods can lead to heart disease and stroke. By reducing your fat intake and creating a healthy diet plan, in addition to moderate exercise, you may be able to reduce the prevalence of obesity. Through trying a little bit every day to alter our diet, we can make progress to live a healthier life.

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