Is Diet Soda As Bad for Your Teeth as Drugs?

New reports are claiming that addiction to soda may be as dangerous to teeth as use of crystal meth and crack cocaine.
Soda has been shown to have significant repercussions on health, especially when overused, and new evidence is suggesting that this extends to our teeth as well. A report that was published in General Dentistry showed evidence of the dangers of soda addiction when it comes to your teeth.
The study focused on the teeth of three different types of individuals: A 29-year-old methamphetamine addict, a 51-year-old individual that had abused cocaine for almost 2 decades, and a patient who over the course of 3 to 5 years had consumed two liters of soda daily.
The study found that all three participants had very similar tooth damage and erosion as a result of their habits. Whether it was meth, crack, or soda, each patient experienced severe erosion of their teeth as a result of the high acid levels in the substance they were abusing…READ MORE

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