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About Dr. Michael Omidi

Michael Omidi grew up in Southern California and attended California State University, Los Angeles.  He received his MD degree from the Saint Louis University. Dr. Omidi is a fully trained general surgeon. He is also a fellowship trained plastic surgeon. After finishing additional training in craniofacial surgery in Miami, he moved back home to Los Angeles, California where he has developed a successful plastic and reconstructive surgery practice.

Dr. Omidi specializes in cutting edge, minimally-invasive surgical and non-surgical techniques in facial, breast and body surgery. He has been recognized for minimally invasive endoscopic-assisted brow-lifts, laser eyelid rejuvenation, suture-suspension neck-lifts and endoscopic SMAS and mid-face lifts.

Double Board-certified as a General Surgeon and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Omidi draws upon that experience to perform a wide array of breast and body-contouring aesthetic procedures. He performs all techniques of breast augmentation such as transaxillary (under arm), trans-umbilical and periareolar (around nipple) approach and is renowned for minimal incision breast lift techniques such as the Binelli and Madam Le Jour Breast Lifts. He mastered techniques for body contouring such as Fleur de Lis, mini abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) and power-assisted liposculpting.

Besides working in his practice, Dr. Michael Omidi supports charities and humanitarian organizations that improve the lives of children and adults around the world. He has contributed time and resources to various causes that promote the advancement of medical research, educational programs and helping the underprivileged.

Dr. Omidi is the author of multiple scientific articles and has lectured at various national and international medical conferences. He enjoys swimming and skiing, and speaks Farsi and Spanish.