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tummy tuck

"I found Dr. Omidi's office online and after reading all the reviews, I decided to consult him. Dr. Omidi was my first and only consultation because after talking to him, I knew I could trust him with my body. His experience and knowledge made me feel at ease, he answered all my questions with so much care and patience. It's been almost three months after my procedure and I am 100% satisfied with his work. I never imagined my body could look this good. I would recommend Dr. Omidi to anybody, he and his staff are amazing! I am super happy I found you Dr. Omidi! Millions of thanks from a completely satisfied patient."
- Olga

vertical lift

"I highly recommend Dr. Omidi, his staff, Alexis, Louise, Laura as they are all understanding of your needs. They have great knowledge of what they are doing and help you understand and answer your questions, resolving any doubts you might have. They all make you feel comfortable and treat you like they have known you forever. Overall my procedure went very well and I'm happy with my results. Thank you for all the love!"
- Laura

Breast Augmentation

"I absolutely love my tummy tuck results! I had researched and interviewed doctors and when I met Dr. Omidi, I knew he was the professional to go with. He made me feel very comfortable before and after my surgery. He was very pleasant, professional and I loved that he is a philanthropist. I bonded with the staff and nurses and they were so awesome! I am looking forward to getting my breast augmentation with Dr. Omidi as well. Thank you so much!"
- Lori

Breast augmentation

"I was thinking to have my breast a little bigger. A lady at nail salon was talking about the procedures she had done in Pomona, CA with a wonderful Doctor Omidi and I was listening to her because I was interested to have all the info, so after she done telling I asked her for a business card. I had an appointment in November and, by December 22nd, I had my breasts done. The tummy is pending for Dr. Omidi puts safety first. Regarding my breast augmentation, I am so happy and thankful to Dr. Omidi and all the staff, I've been receiving a wonderful care all the time."
- Angie

eyelid surgery

"Me da muchismo gusto haber encontrado al doctor Michael Omidi y a todo sus personal son muy hamables todas mis preguntas me las responden a tiempo las cirugias. Fueron un exito estoy muy feliz con todas mis cirugias yo le doy cinco estrellas y si huviera mas mas des doy tienen un personal muy hamable y competente. Muchas gracias a todos por ser a si yo estoy muy conteta con todo el trato que se me hadado."
- Maria


"When I first met the staff and doctor they gave me confidence. Overall the care was good. As far as my results, I feel confident that as soon as the swelling goes down, the results will be satisfying."
- Miley

Tummy tuck and lipo

"On October 20, 2016 I had a tummy tuck and liposuction. My experience prior to surgery was met with ease as the friendly staff and surgeon gave me lots of information about the procedure and what to expect after. My aftercare has been nothing but positive and the results speak for themselves to what a professional Dr. Omidi and his team are. He is truly an artist in his craft, and the staff that work for him are wonderful. Without them I don't think my experience would be as great as it has been."
- Estee

tummy tuck

"Mi nombre es Celia y en Julio 8 del 2016 yo me hice el tummy tuck y estoy muy contentia y feliz con el resultado ya que antes de la operacion yo me sentia muy traumada con mi estomago ya que al ponerme los pantalones no me sentia comoda como se me miraba la longita o llanta que se me hachi estoy feliz de como quede. Gracias al Doctor y su personal."
- Celia

tummy tuck and lipo

"Coming to Dr. Omidi's office is one of the best decisions I've made. Dr. Omidi and his staff exceeded my expectations. He's very kind and caring, he's a very gentle surgeon and very informative. Staff at his office are also friendly and caring with every visit I made, before and after surgery. If I had to do it over, I'd do it over with them."
- Dani


"Dr. Omidi is real gentle with his procedure. He gives you a natural look. I get compliments from friends, my lipstick looks better and stands out. The staff has always been very friendly and easy to ask questions."
- Blanca