Why More Women Are Getting Breast Implants

Did you know breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic procedure for the past several years? There’s a reason for this – women are more confident and empowered to make decisions regarding their outward appearance. Moreover, they understand that outward appearance isn’t just a superficial aesthetic but that it factors into how they feel on the inside. Breast augmentations, or the insertion of breast implants, have helped millions of women rekindle their self-love, correct bodily changes as a result of pregnancy or other conditions, and boost their self-esteem.

There Are Many Reasons Why Women Get Breast Implants

First things first, any reason is valid. Whether you want to recover your pre-baby body, are a breast cancer survivor, or simply want a fuller or more symmetrical bust – don’t let anyone judge you for making this decision.

Women understand more than men that appearance means so much more than what you look like on the outside. It’s a precursor to how you feel about yourself on the inside. Ones’ perception of their own appearance is an incredibly powerful motivator.

Asymmetrical Breasts 

In many cases, women seeking breast augmentation have always wanted a more voluptuous profile. In other cases, women want to correct asymmetrical breasts by making them look more balanced. In fact, uneven breasts are extremely common among women.

About 90% of women have breasts that are 15-20% different in size – and this is perfectly normal. Some women may have even more drastically asymmetrical breasts, which does not pose a health risk but can affect their confidence, especially when wearing certain types of clothing.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 

Pregnancy tends to change the shape and appearance of the breasts, and this is a huge reason for many women seeking breast surgery. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts get larger. However, once the woman stops breastfeeding, the breasts may hang lower or decrease in size to be smaller than they were in the first place. Breast lifts and augmentations are included in the mommy makeover, in addition to a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Weight Loss

Then there’s weight loss, a process that can give you the healthy, slim body you want but sometimes at a cost. Many women notice that along with losing fat throughout the body, they also lose fat in the breasts. It is very common for the breasts to decrease in size following a period of weight loss. In this instance, breast augmentation will allow you to complement your newly-gained slim figure with rounder and fuller breasts.

Breast Reconstruction 

Breast augmentation can be performed concurrently with breast reconstruction for patients who have had breast cancer surgery. This can be done using fat grafts or artificial implants, depending on what kind of look the patient desires. It is possible to get breast augmentation on either just one or both breasts, depending on the outcomes of the cancer treatment.

After breast cancer surgery, women may feel uncomfortable in their bodies and miss their female features. There are many factors that lead women to seek breast surgery after cancer treatment. Breast augmentation is a great way to improve ones’ self-esteem and comfort after cancer treatment, allowing them to move on.

What Kinds of Breast Implants Are Available? 

Fat Transfer

This procedure is also known as natural breast augmentation, as it enhances the breasts without the use of implants. This procedure utilizes liposuction to collect fat from the patient’s body and transfers it to the breasts. This process yields more natural-looking results than with breast implants and has the added benefit of contouring other areas of the body with liposuction. Fat originating from your body is less likely to be rejected and thus it reduces the risks associated with artificial implants. In addition, this type of augmentation has a faster recovery and less scarring.

Saline Implants

These implants are filled with sterile salt water and are less expensive than other types of implants. They have a firmer feel and require smaller incisions. In the case of a saline implant rupturing, the saline fluid is absorbed into the body safely and it poses no risk. However, it will alter the appearance of the breasts and a follow-up procedure will be required to fix it.

Silicone Implants

These implants are filled with silicone gel and offer a more natural feel that is more similar to real breast tissue. Compared to other implants, they have a low risk of rupture.

Cohesive Gel (‘Gummy Bear’) Implants

These implants are filled with a thicker silicone gel for natural breast shape and feel. These implants stay in place without shifting. The unique thing about these implants is that they come in various shapes; you can opt for a completely round, less round, slightly teardrop, and full teardrop shape. This gives you more control over the shape of your breasts and can yield a natural appearance compared to other implants. The advantage of these implants is that since the gel is thicker, even if the silicone shell is ruptured or torn, they will keep their shape.

Are You Interested In Breast Implants? 

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