Dr. Michael Omidi is a double board-certified reconstructive and plastic surgeon serving the Greater Los Angeles area. He is a top expert in rhinoplasty and treats patients in Beverly Hills, Apple Valley, and the Inland Empire.

Why Choose Rhinoplasty?

In Beverly Hills, where Dr. Michael Omidi frequently treats his patients, rhinoplasty has become so common that you often see people walking around in broad daylight with bandages on their noses. This should come as no surprise in a neighbourhood where plastic surgery is so widespread. But no matter where you live, why should you feel uncomfortable with a prominent bump on your nose or overly wide nostrils, when you can have them corrected simply and easily?

Are You the Right Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Michael Omidi’s patients often express interest in rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with how their noses has aged. Other patients admit to always feeling self-conscious about the nose they were born with. During the consultation, Dr. Omidi will carefully go over your options and let you decide whether you want to perform rhinoplasty alone or combine it with a chin implant for more spectacular results. Oftentimes, even slight changes to the shape of the nose can produce a dramatic effect on appearance, improve your breathing, and fill you with self-confidence.

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